As I have just been staying at home for the past month, I've been watching TV a lot lately. I frequently watch Discovery and some other channels. One of my favorite shows in Discovery is Crime Stories. It's just so amazinghow the detectives are able to solve cases just when you think they've reached a dead end. One of their most useful tools is science, specifically forensics. Fans of the show CSI aren't strangers to forensics and the use of DNA analysis. Imagine being able to identify a person just by a strand of hair, or skin cells.
DNA analysis has a lot more uses than just by identifying perpetrators. It can be used to identify remains,tracing parentage, genetic engineering, and a lot more. Ah, the wonders of science.

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Andrew said...

Ah the wonders is right.

Another interesting aspect of DNA is cloning.

I remember watching a show on Discovery where they were able to get a DNA sample from a Mammoth that had been preserved in ice. If it weren't for the no-cloning law we might of had a living mammoth walking today.