I Want A Vacation

I was chatting with one of my cousins from the US the other day and he said he really wanted Toni, Lance, and I to come over there as he has only seen him in pictures I regularly send him. He started making plans on how we will spend the vacation there when we come over to visit.

One of his suggestions was spending a weekend in Orlando, Florida because of the many attractions there that Lance would enjoy. He said that accommodations wouldn’t be much trouble as we could look for some Orlando vacation rental properties. What excited us of course were the attractions in the area. Just imagine; Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World all within minutes from each other. Add to that the beaches and water parks and even Kennedy Space Center! I’ve always wanted to go there. It would be great to be there to see a shuttle launch. Sounds like I’m going to enjoy this as much as Lance would.

Just thinking about it gets me excited. I wonder when this would be.

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