What Time Is It?

I used to have several watches. I even pick the watch to use that will go with what I’m wearing for the day. Ok, it’s really not that plenty, let’s say it’s more than one. Lolz! Seriously, I really love watches and how it complements my clothes. Well, that was before!

What I usually use now is my ever reliable silver strap watch. I love how it fits in my wrist plus it can be used for formal and casual occasions. And it still goes with whatever I’m wearing because I can change the bezel that matches the color of the blouse or the dress I’m using. I also have this other watch that I use when I go out on field or when I’m on the sporty mood. And that’s it.

Now I’m thinking of buying another watch. Especially when I saw these
Timex Watches online. And they also have Nixon, Seiko, Casio and G-shock as well as Prada sunglasses! The designs are nice and cool. I think it’s about time that I buy a new watch. Paging Paul!! :)

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