Our Weekend

We really didn’t have that exciting weekend last week. We stayed at home the whole of Saturday. We just had our bonding moment with Lance and played with him. Come Sunday, we went to church early in the morning. After that, we went to Gateway for his 9 month sched for photo shoot at blow up babies. I’ll be getting the pictures next week. I’ll share with you also how our session went when I got the pictures na. For the mean time, I’ll leave you with these pictures. These were also taken at the studio while we’re waiting for them to set-up the theme we chose. Lance was busy playing with the balls. He enjoyed eating them too. Lolz!
we had our pic with the simpsons too!

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Aggie said...

Kacute naman yan!!!

N!cE said...

kakatuwa si Lance, kinakain ang balls. :)

joy said...

oh my! what a cutie!!!

Paul and Toni said...

aggie, nice and joy! hehe! thanks for the comments.