Toni and I just watched Transformers last week. We waited for the crowd to thin out before going over to the cinema to see it. Unfortunately, it’s been shown for two weeks already and there’re still a lot of people watching. Anyway, I’ve seen the posters since 2005, and I thought “Interesting”.

I already followed the series when I was a kid so I had some background info on the characters. When I learned that Michael Bay was directing, I thought, “Even more interesting”, as he has been known to make action-packed movies like the Bad Boys films, The Rock, and Armageddon. Sure enough, it was. There’s the slow motion shot of the characters during the fight scene, the car chases, and the constantly moving camera. Hey, not that I’m complaining. I actually enjoyed the movie. My eyes were glued on the screen, and when I was answering some of Toni’s questions about the movie, I just answered her without even looking at her. It was just a little weird seeing robots in slow motion during some fight scenes (maybe I got used to John Woo and Wachowski brothers movies) And they changed some characters too, which is fine as to make it fit the period. There were also familiar faces in the cast. After checking out IMDb, I saw that the guy who provided the voice for Optimus Prime in the cartoons also did his voice in the movie. That was cool! I am definitely going to put this film in my “Must-Have-DVDs!”

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:P said...

i loved the movie too! although I watched it by myself since my husband is out of the country, i still had a blast at the theatre. it did seem pretty weird, the differences in some of the characters (like my beloved Bumblebee) but other scenes were cool like when Optimus used his axe. I went "Woah, great!!!" in that scene. Like you, i grew up watching the animated transformers. good thing my sis and I were not limited to watching only girly cartoons. =D

anyway, i want to watch this movie again. and again. and again. =D

take care!