Update #1

As I’ve been saying before, I’m quite busy now kaya I don’t have much time to blog at work. (lolz! I normally blog during working hours, sshhh!!! Hehe!) That’s because when I go home from work and Lance is still awake, I play with him pa and put him to sleep. He normally sleeps at 8pm and after that we’ll have our dinner na. After dinner, time with Paul naman while waiting for Marimar. Lolz! When Marimar is shown na, I watch with my sis and Lance’s nanny while Paul goes to our room either to read a book or surf or play with the pc. And after Marimar, sleeping time na. Aga ko matulog, hehe! Enough na of my reasons.

I want to blog first about my parents who arrived from the US last September 25. I am so happy to see my parents again. I really do miss them and having them around for a few days is more than I can ask for. They too look forward to going home because it’s the first time that they will see Lance. Unfortunately, they arrived 8pm na and Lance is already asleep. My dad even wanted to wake him up but I begged him not to. Hehe!

We were able to go to sleep at 12 midnight na because we opened 6 boxes of pasalubongs. I was looking forward to the sesame street shirts and the robeez shoes we bought online (through aggie). We will use the shirts kasi for Lance’s birthday. We got shoes, bags, shirts, pants, etc. and my parents even bought Lance huggies diapers. Hehe! Thanks a lot! Those were great stuff but they are nothing compared to seeing them once more. I really do miss them and I’m just glad to see them again.

The following morning, as soon as Lance woke up, my parents went inside our room and thankfully Lance did not cry when he saw them. He immediately liked my dad, went to him and asked to be carried. Lance found a new playmate. Hehe! My dad is known talaga of his fondness to kids. My mom on the other hand tried to carry Lance and he liked her too. She just can’t carry Lance for a long time because she finds him really heavy. Lolz! Both my parents and Lance were enjoying their first encounter. And I’m happy too. May bagong mag aalaga kay Lance, hahaha!

Anyway, as of today, my parents are in New Zealand with my sister visiting my brother and his family. They left the day after Lance’s party and will be back on the 22nd. And when they come back, I’m sure Lance will be happy again.

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