Things to blog:

I’m busy last week and am still going to be busy from today onwards so I need to list down the things that I need to blog so that I won’t forget them. Here they are:

  1. My parents arrival
  2. Lance’s 1st birthday
  3. Lance’s 1st haircut
  4. Lance’s 1st birthday party
  5. Tags from aggie and liza
  6. Award from Jody, Jacqui, Nice and Kitts (thanks guys!)
  7. Lance’s 1st time at The Little Gym (courtesy of suzette, roy and sam! Thanks to you too!)
And of course in between those posts are my paid opps. I’ve been missing a lot since I have so many things to do. Sayang ang moolah! Hehe! So my dear readers, mommies and fellow bloggers, just hang on and I’ll do my best to update this. Have a nice week everyone!

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