Dream Vacation

If you’ll notice I really am on a vacation mood lately. Perhaps because I’ve been busy with work and I really want to have some rest and recreation. One of my dream vacation is visiting France specifically Paris. I would love to experience the romantic city that it is known for.

Paul had been there during one of his business trips from his previous employer. I’m not really sure which among the Hotels in Paris did they stay since he was with his colleagues then. As we were discussing his trip and the places he visited, we came up with a plan and a dream of going there someday. He said that the nightlife there was great and that he loved it when the Eiffel Tower lights up at night. He was also telling me that there are Paris Hotels: that offers great deals so we just have to save for the airfare. He still has mileage from one of the airlines he used during his travels so I’m just the one who’ll be spending for the fare.

I also would love to learn the language. I’ve studied Chinese Mandarin before and I plan to study French as well. The only French word that I know for now is Bonjour (lolz!) which means hello. I would love to use their language when I’m there. Like when we’re looking for Hôtels en Paris. It would be nice if I can talk to them using their own language. I’m really hoping we can have this dream vacation!

*pics downloaded from wikipedia.

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