It's Monday Again

Happy Monday to all! As always, I don’t want to go back to work and would rather spend time at home plus I was not able to play that much with Lance. Saturday morning we went to his pedia, then went to Dampa (for it is Paul’s bday), then to MOA. Sunday, I was out the whole with my mom. I’ll post about our weekend next time.

I need to really concentrate on my work now since it’s just two weeks to go and we’ll have our ISO audit once more. I don’t want to cram and revise and review the departments’ procedures again.

I need to look for some opps though, I grabbed a few from blogitive and payu2blog has some tasks for me. Still can’t grab opps at PPP (thanks to the drop in page rank), and there’s one at smorty (though I did not grab it yet). I hope other mommy bloggers were able to get some opps too! Have a great week everyone!

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