Tis the season for Xmas shopping

There are now 36 shopping days til Christmas with one of the biggest shopping days (after Thanksgiving sale) in the States coming up on Friday. This may seem too early to think about shopping now but I bet with work and Lance Christmas will start creeping up. Around this time of the year everyone will be spending a lot of money on presents for their friends and love ones. This time of the year is also a perfect time for someone to hack into other peoples’ financial account and use it to buy stuff worth thousands of dollars fraudulently. My cousin in the States was a victim of this last year but he was able to prevent any more damage by reviewing and contesting all of the fake charges on his checking account online.

So my advice to the bloggers to help protect your hard earned money is to get a checking account that has really good security against fraud. We really have to be careful and make sure that our money is secured.

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