My Dad, the Green Thumb

I just talked to my dad and stepmom a few minutes ago. They’re both doing well out there in Daly City. It’s been just about a year since my dad left for the US and about a year and a half I think since I last saw him. Now he’s there juggling a couple of jobs. I remember him saying before that all he needs would be a piece of land where he can plant and just watch them grow. My dad has a green thumb, you see. The backyard in our old home had a lot of plants and trees there. I’d often refer to it as rainforest. I, on the other hand, know nothing of plants. I wouldn’t be able to identify plants and trees without the fruits. If I had the resources, I’d look up for some land for sale and I’d buy my dad a piece of land where he could just tend to his plants. By the way, my dad says the only thing he can’t manage to grow, is his hair. I miss my dad.

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