Lance’s Well Baby Check Up

I was on leave yesterday to bring Lance to his pedia for his well baby check up and to do some last minute shopping na din. Lance kept on running at the clinic and was just shouting and roaming around. When it was finally our turn, his pedia was shocked with his weight. He now weighs 13kgs and is 85cms long. As usual we were not given vitamins (for obvious reasons lolz!) and she said that Lance is doing ok. I asked her to check Lance’s knee because I think he has a lump there but the pedia said there’s nothing to worry. But she noticed that Lance is bow-legged particularly his right leg. She said that it can be corrected but Lance needs to lose weight. She advised me to give Lance apples, pears or banana before lunch or before his meal so that he’ll be full already when it’s time to eat. She also suggested changing his milk to low fat or lessen the scoops of milk with the same amount of water. Other than that, she said that Lance is a happy baby. Lance even waved bye to his pedia and blew her a kiss.

Right now, we’re doing the second option, that is lessening the milk, and hopefully it will work. Or else, I need to have bigger and stronger arms when I carry him. Lolz!

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