The Godmother

I was tagged by Kitts. Thanks for the tag. :)

This meme was created to remind us “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” the number of our godchildren and our responsibility towards them as they grow and mature as better Christians. Here are the rules:
· List all the names of your godchildren
· Tag at least 5 bloggers
· Update the Tag Train

I only have a few inaanaks (thank God hehe! since most of our nephews and nieces are godchildren of my ate. mwehehe!). Here they are:

- Margo, Andrea, Dennielle, Chio, Rhys. These are the ones i dutifully remember every Christmas. I have some others that I can't remember the names since I seldom see them. (bad toni!)

Paul has more inaanaks than I do and I buy for them as well. Plus some other "favorite" pamangkins. hehe!

The Tag Train Started Here - Bluepanjeet - Joy - Scarty - Yen - PeachyAbie - Kitts - Toni

I'm breaking the rule here and won't be tagging anyone anymore since most of the bloggers I know have done this already.

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