Christmas Day

Abie asked me how we will spend our Christmas. Here's my answer:

My father's side of the family always have a reunion every Christmas but this year, we'll celebrate it on the 22nd.

I just talked to Paul and my sister the other day asking them where we will spend Christmas and this is what we've decided. Christmas Eve, we'll spend it at home, will hear mass at the chapel in our village. Christmas Day, we'll hear mass again then visit my uncle's house in ParaƱaque. We'll probably stay there until lunch. Paul and I are still thinking if we'll be visiting his brother's house (we're not sure of that yet since they went to our house last wednesday, plus if we'll visit them, my sister will be alone so we're not sure if we'll push thru with that). If we'll not go there, we'll probably go home right after lunch.

This year's Christmas is kinda "dry" since it's the first time we'll spend it without my brother and his family. Our parents (and my FIL too) are in the US so we don't have anyone to visit anymore. Other relatives are also busy visiting their relatives. hehe!

That's it. It will still be a meaningful one this year because it will be our first time to spend Christmas as a family. Paul was swamped with work last year and was not able to go home so it was only me and Lance. We stayed at my brother's house last year. This time around we'll be one happy family! :)

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