Question Tag from Abie

Her question was: What would you want to receive this Christmas?

I’ll do this in bullet points.

  • My ultimate wish this Christmas is a DSLR. Canon has a promo now but the husband is not keen to the idea of buying a new camera. Haayy…
  • Attend a photography class, but since I won’t be receiving a DSLR now, I need to scratch this one too.
  • A red alice crocs, a pair of havaianas or nike flip flops
  • Clothes (either pants, blouse, or just a shirt, good if all)
  • Books

That’s on top of my mind now. Hopefully, the husband will change his mind and buy a DSLR. Hehehe! Thanks Abie for the tag. Sorry it took me some time to answer it. :)

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