Things to blog

I need to list them down before I forget them because I haven’t blogged for the past few weeks and I have so many kwentos to share.

  1. Shower Party at Victoria Court
  2. Abdiel’s Baptism
  3. Our ISO audit
  4. Trip to Divi
  5. Employee Christmas Party
  6. Jon and Vangie’s Wedding
  7. Ruel and Norie’s Wedding
  8. Adtel employees (with their families) Christmas Party
  9. World Trade Bazaar Shopping
  10. Surprise Party for Tita Sening’s 75th birthday
  11. And of course, tags from fellow bloggers

I hope I did not forget anything. I’m still waiting for pictures on some of the events kaya it may take some time before I can post them. Was not able to take pics kasi either I’m hosting the event or I’m the one in-charge of the party kaya busy ang lola niyo. Unahin ko na lang yung mga walang pics. :)

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