Garcia Christmas Party

Another overdue post. We had our annual family Christmas party last December 22 at my cousin’s house in Angono, Rizal. As always, we (my sister, cousin and I) were asked to prepare the games and other activities for the party. Our theme as always is red and green, and those who won’t wear red or green will have a fine and the money will be included in the money pot game.

We started at 4pm with a prayer then on with the games. The games we prepared were a hit. We had a guessing game where everyone can participate. We have several items in a clear container that you have to guess the quantity of each. We had paper clips, push pins, and kornik. Hehe! We also had the money pot game, last man standing, arrange yourselves, trip to Jerusalem (with a twist), paper plate relay, shoot the calamansi, pen shooting race, etc. The games we prepared were a mixture of games for the kids and adults.

Everyone had a great time and had fun with the games. Plus all of us, including the yayas were included in the raffle so all went home with something. Below are some of the pics during our party:

garcia family

with me in the pic

modified trip to jerusalem

my balikbayan cousin in the pen shooting race

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