Locked Door

Our Sunday normally begins with a mass at the chapel near our house. That’s what we did last Sunday only this time it was a bit different. Upon getting home from the church, we found out that all our doors were locked from the inside thus we can’t go in. haha! Normally kasi, we pass by the backdoor when leaving the house. Our front door kasi has a lock na when you close it na, you can’t open it unless you’re inside, so what we do is close the front door then go out of the house thru the backdoor and lock it with a padlock.

Last Sunday, my sister was the last one who went out of the house. She said she passed by the front door since it’s still open. Before her Paul was the last one to leave. Di kami sabay-sabay umalis ng bahay, hehe! Walking distance lang yung house from the church kaya ok lang. I left the house kasi agad with Lance and the yaya because Lance wants to go out na. Didn’t know naman that Paul will leave din the door open, like what we did. Hehe! So ayun, syempre since my sister is the last one to leave the house, she closed the front door. Upon getting home, that’s when we learned that the back door hasn’t been opened yet. Lance’s yaya kasi usually opens the back door in the morning to throw garbage or do any household chore pero last Sunday, we all woke up late kaya we hurried na and took a bath so she did not open the back door anymore.

Paul was trying to open the front door pero I was telling him na we can’t open it and has no choice but to kick the back door until the lock gives in. So Paul first tried kicking the door, and then my sister tried it too, then the three of us (paul, yaya and me) tried pushing the door together but to no avail. Lance doesn’t know naman what’s happening and just keeps on walking at the garage. It was difficult din kasi to kick the door since medyo mataas yung lock so dapat yung force was don sa may lock mismo. Finally after Paul’s nth try of kicking and banging the door, the lock gave in at nasira na. We’re glad di nasira yung door and yung lock lang. hehe! We were able to go inside the house. On that day din, we bought a new lock to replace the broken one. :)

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