My Brother's FIL

My brother’s father-in-law whom we also call daddy likes Lance so much. We live near their house since we occupied the house where my brother and his family were staying before they migrated. Lance’s morning routine includes visiting my brother’s in-laws, which they appreciate since Lance became the “replacement” of Ethan, my nephew whom they really miss.

The only time they won’t go to daddy’s house is when either Lance or his nanny has colds. You see, my brother’s FIL had a kidney transplant 2 o 3 years ago and he’s also diabetic that’s why we’re very careful of his health. He has this one bag of medical supplies which he brings anywhere he goes so that when he experience pain, it can be cured right away.

Right now, he’s doing very well and we’re really glad for that. We just have to always be careful not to inflict him with any sickness, may it be colds or whatever, so that he’ll remain healthy.

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