Thoughts on Houses

More and more people I know are buying their own houses. Last week I heard Toni’s cousin was applying for a housing loan. Then just this afternoon Toni told me that her colleague did the same thing. Hearing the news is really making me think if we should do the same. Of course we’d like to have a place of our own. If we did the same, the monthly rent we’re currently paying would then be used for the monthly amortization. There are also various terms that we could consider like the length of the loan and others. Should we decide to apply and get approval for the loan, that would be a whole new ball game. One of the first things I would do would be to get home owners insurance. I mean you’ll never know. If I’d be “investing” for my home, might as well cover all the bases, right? In case you’re thinking what’s keeping us from pursuing this endeavor, its location. As you know, most of the locations of houses that are up for loans are in the nearby provinces like Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna. Let’s just say that Toni and I would like to stay in our comfort zone hahaha. We are amenable to it but not just now. Let’s see first what the future has in store. Anyway, if you guys know houses that are being loaned out with reasonable terms, just shoot us a line, alright?

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