Trip to Divi

As mentioned here, we had a Christmas party for the employees’ children last dec. 14, so on the first week of December, two of my officemates and I went to Divisoria to buy toys, prizes and gifts for the kids. We had a hard time buying because there are a total of 100 kids listed. We have to make sure that each and every kid in the list will receive a gift or else, employees will complain. We also need to categorize the ages of the kids and classify their gender. So you could just imagine how many toys we bought. We were really tired on that day because the toys we bought were bulky and it was in December so there are a lot of people buying. And since we bought a lot, we need to make several trips to and from the parking area (which is far from divi mall by the way). We also went to bodega sale to buy toys as prizes for the games. It was really a very tiring day, but come Christmas party, children were happy with what they got and it’s all worth it. :)

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