Business Planning

Our company had our rest of year planning last week at Astoria Plaza. The management team spent two consecutive days talking about the plans for the next six months and some departments presented their plans until next year. Some presentations are quite exciting since these are new products while others are just the same and the sales teams just have to continue selling them. One topic we were all alarmed was when our colleague from the province presented a fake product that we were selling. They even put our company name and our ISO badge in their packaging. We already have an IPO for this certain product which means we have the right to arrest whoever is replicating it. I’m not sure how they’re going to do it but I think the department concerned is coordinating with different offices so they can arrest them.

Anyway, here’s a pic of me with good friends Vangie and Gen during the break. :)

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jonathan said...

Great event. Continuous planning is vital for long term success of a business. Thank you.