Whenever I go out with my friends, I often notice how fashionable they are compared to me. I often joke that I maybe a male during my past life since I really don’t know anything about fashion hehe! My friends know the latest trend, and were really good on how to mix and match their clothes with their accessories. I on the other hand always go for the classic style. I don’t even use accessories, I just wear a pair of earrings, a watch and a simple bracelet and that’s it. I really admire my friends for they really know the latest trend and where to get those. They even know jewelers that can provide cutting-edge designs at a very affordable price, just like Holsted Jewelers. They have wide variety to choose from that will fit whatever you’re wearing, from casual to formal wear. Plus they are very affordable and you’re assured of its good quality. I’ll start browsing the site, who knows, I might start buying from them soon!

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