Gym Again

Last Friday, people from Slimmer’s world visited our office to orient us about their gym and at the same time conducted an orientation on the importance of exercise. The speaker also talked about stress and its causes and also the importance of taking care of our skin. They also brought equipment that we can apply on for free. They brought equipment that helps in the blood circulation and also a machine to check your face for whiteheads, blackhead or any other problems in the skin. When it was my turn, the consultant said I have a few white heads and a slight discoloration on the right side of my cheeks. She also said not to worry for its just minor and can be addressed by applying creams. Anyway, what I’m excited about is that I’ll be going back to the gym. I signed up for one year membership because their offer is too irresistible. It’s very affordable and I know I really need to lose weight so I did not waste time and signed up right away. I hope with this membership, I’ll be able to come back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Wish me luck!

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