Maver is having a contest and she would like to know how we spent the month of hearts. Thank God for blogs, I can back read and review how mine went. There’s really nothing special with how I spent February but below are the ones worth remembering. In bullet points :) :

  • Hosted our general assembly for the month and played it’s a date wherein the winning couple were treated by our HR for dinner at Mann Hann
  • Went to the house of our company’s President for his birthday celebration. Had a great time for we played patintero and some played tumbang preso. It’s good to go back to being a kid
  • Grand EB with twitter and bebot friends
  • School hunting for Lance. We found one and reserved a spot for him already.
  • Visited the barracks of our contractors
  • Visited my cousin’s house for she just gave birth to a 9lb 1oz baby :)
That's it!

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Maver said...

uy early bird! :)