Summer Outing

My cousins and I were planning a summer outing for our families. One of my cousins will be arriving from the US and they want to spend some time at the beach. We’re currently looking at the beaches in Batangas since we also plan to go to our province after our outing. All of us are looking forward to this family vacation since we haven’t seen our cousin for a long time and I’m sure the kids will all have fun at the beach. If budget permits, we would love to go to any of the Karisma Hotels. I’ve read in some reviews that having a vacation there is truly relaxing. They have great food and incredible service. The Azul Beach Hotel Resort is family friendly where parents are pampered and are even provided with strollers, cribs, milk heaters, etc. Kids will enjoy at the activity center in case they don’t want to swim at the beach. I hope sometime we get to visit the place. :)

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