How was your weekend? Paul and I had a great time bonding with the kids. Yesterday, I went to the market for our food for the week, and then we went to the grocery. Paul accompanied my sister for she wants to install radio in her car. In the afternoon, we went to Angela’s 1st Birthday party. Today, we heard mass in the morning then went to blow up babies in gateway for Hannah’s photo session. There was a minor glitch in the schedule but was settled right away. Hannah had fun playing with the balls while we wait for our turn. When it was finally our turn, Hannah was wearing her costume and was even playing. But when it was time to have her picture taken she started crying for she doesn’t want to be left alone. We all tried to pacify her but to no avail. Then we tried to have a family picture but Lance doesn’t want to so he cried also. Now we were left with both kids crying.  Paul and I decided to reschedule our session and hopefully by next time both kids will be in the mood. After that we went home and just played with the kids. Another weekend has passed and tomorrow, we’re back to work. How about you? How’s your weekend?

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