Thank You Bounce!

Again another long overdue post.

As you all know, Lance and Hannah were supposed to celebrate their 3rd and 1st birthday party at Bounce. Unfortunately, one week before the party, we were hit by Typhoon Ondoy and Bounce was affected too. Maloy (owner of bounce) immediately texted us to ask how we are and to let us know the situation. She even offered help even if they were affected too. We were then informed that they have to reschedule our party or opt for a refund. We chose to refund our money and use it for the Jollibee party and we’re so thankful to Bounce that we were able to refund 100%.

Anyhow, a few weeks after the party, I got a call from Maloy (bounce’s owner), asking me to give her the directions to our house. I texted her but asked her also why she does she need it. She said they have something for the kids and that they’re on their way already. I was really touched with their gesture because they really don’t have to give us anything especially since we did not push through with our booking.

And so when they got to our house, they gave me their present for the kids. She also asked how we’re doing right after Ondoy and said that they really hope we recover soon. Sayang they were not able to see the kids when they dropped by because both kids are asleep already. Here’s what they gave the kids:

The following day, we sang happy birthday to the kids and asked them to blow the candle.

Thank you again Rich and Maloy!

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