How to Choose the Best Shower Tray?

Are you thinking it's about time to remodel your bathroom and make it more user friendly, add a little more style, or just plain update it? If so, if you are looking to replace your shower, you will need to install a new shower tray as well. A shower tray is the part of the shower that is on the floor and provides the base of the enclosure.

Years ago people weren't given much of a choice when it came to deciding to purchase a shower tray for a bathroom remodel or new build. However, nowadays, there is a wide range of different styles, shapes, and materials available when looking for a shower tray. It makes it possible to personalize your bathroom even more. Though having many choices is a good thing to have, it can also make the decision process a little more difficult. So, how do you chose which shower tray will be the best one for you and your bathroom?

Cost is usually one of the greatest factors people consider in determining what shower tray they will buy. We all know how important it is to stay within a budget during a bathroom remodel, but you also need to take into consideration other factors too. The durability of a shower tray should be considered and you'll want to choose one that is well made and is going to last. You will want your shower tray to not only be tough and strong, but also light and easy to install.

Also, the design and shape of your shower will have a bearing on what choice of shower tray you need to get. Shower trays come in many different shapes and sizes, the most common ones being rectangle, circle, pentangle (corner type), and quadrant and you will have to do your homework to know what kind you will need to purchase for your bathroom.

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