Things to do after a car accident

There is an order in which things are supposed to be done after any car accident - call the ambulance, call the police, and call your car insurance provider. Assuming that the first two have been done, it is very important you don't wait for them to arrive before you call your insurance provider. Call them immediately, and good insurance providers will make it a point to get as many details as possible about the accident as soon as possible.

The basic fact about car insurance is this: any good car insurance provider will pay in case of a legitimate accident and related injury. But because of the large number of fraudulent claims that they receive, providers will take a critical stance until they are sure you are the victim of an accident, or have been involved in one. Once they are assured of that, the matter is off your hand and in the hands of your car insurance provider and that of the provider of the driver of the other vehicle, if another vehicle was involved.

There are two things you have to prove. One is that you were involved in a legitimate accident; you are not staging one simply to get money from your provider. Two, you have to prove that the other driver was the guilty party in the accident. To make them believe that you were legitimately involved in an accident, try and get phone numbers of eye witnesses and establish too that the other driver is not related to you. To make them believe you were not the guilty party, make a note of the police officers' names on the scene, the number of passengers in the other car, and any eye witness report that was available. Most important, jot down the sequence of events that led to the accident; this will come in handy in case of lawsuits.

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