WSOP Player Spotlight: Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is renowned as one of the most humble, noble, and charitable figures in modern poker. Even when losing (including to unlikely hands), Greenstein remains courteous. Beyond that, he goes out of his way to make a difference among those in the field of poker and elsewhere. He has been dubbed "the Robin Hood of poker," due to the fact that he gives away all of his tournament winnings to charity.

How can he do this? The answer is quite simple. Greenstein is one of the world's most impressive ring game players, and has made his living, and far more than that, in table winnings alone. It has been stated that no one has won more at the tables in the last decade than he has. He then turned around and wisely invested this money in real estate. He has enough financial security that he's comfortable donating all of his winnings to charity.

His placement in the WSOP is very notable. With 44 money finishes and three bracelets, Greenstein undoubtedly ranks among the best. With fantastic placement in other tours like the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour, the amount that Greenstein has donated to charity over the years is truly immense. One unique tournament that he won was a father son tournament, where his son Joe Sebok (also a professional poker player) paired with him for a strong money finish.

Greenstein plays many games, both at the tables for profit and at tournaments for charities, and has been featured on various poker shows and invited to most major invitationals. In one of the High Stakes Poker episodes, Greenstein took a dare to say the phrase "LOL donkaments," which garnered an extra $55,000 for charity. Clearly, this is a player who is willing to make sacrifices for certain causes and charities!

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