Last Saturday, Paul and I went to my friend's designer for my first fitting.  As mentioned before, I will be part of their entourage and we had our measurements taken a month ago.  Our fitting was scheduled at 5pm but I asked the bride if I can have mine be scheduled in the morning since I can't make it in the afternoon for we will celebrate our wedding anniversary.  The bride asked to move my fitting in the morning and the designer agreed.  And so last Saturday, Paul and I went to Pasig and when we got there, the cutter said my gown is not available.  She said that one of their dressmakers took home my gown to put the beads and she was not able to go to work that morning because no one will take care of her child. And since there's nothing we can do, Paul and I went home.  We just let the bride talk to them for my schedule.


I was really angry and disappointed.  First, their place is far from where we are living and you really have to allot time going there since it's also traffic in that area.  Second, we were supposed to leave our house early because we arranged for an early check in at Pen for our anniversary but we can't do so because of this fitting.  Third, it's not even the owner who talked to me and apologized that my gown is not available.  Even if I'm not the bride, I still am her customer.  I can't help but compare her to Cecilio (my wedding couturier) who's very professional.  He's always there to assist us and there was never a time that we got there and was not able to fit a gown regardless if it's for the bride or the part of the entourage.


Anyhow, last night the bride accompanied me, the groom's mom and sister for fitting.  Finally I was able to fit the gown.  And contrary to what they said last Sat, my gown is still bare.  As in no beads at all!  They even tried to cut some portions of the gown which means it is really not finished yet.  Haayy…so disappointing.  I just hope the finished material will look good as what she promised because it's not cheap ha!  I did not tell the bride my comments anymore because I don't want to add to her stress but if I were to ask if I will recommend this designer, I won't!  She definitely did not impress me.

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