My Ambition

When I was a child, my ambition was to become a lawyer. I really have no idea why I want it but it was my dream when I was growing up. I love to read books that have court discussions and those that need investigations. I was even more particular with stories that have crimes and think of myself as the criminal attorney solving the cases. I spent most nights reading books on different kinds of lawyers, eg. the denver criminal defense lawyer, and the like. I also watch movies or television shows that has court scenes and I was amazed on how these people like the denver criminal lawyers, try to reason out to prove their point and how they can manipulate the words to show that what they are saying is true. But during my junior to senior years in high school, my interest shifted from law to engineering. I realized I love solving math problems and exercise my mind through analytical thinking. That when it was time to look for schools for college, I enrolled on one of the top engineering schools in our country. I enjoy what I am doing now, but I never lost my interest in watching or reading stuff about defense lawyers.

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