Thursday Thunks - Snakes, Hiking and Shirt Colors

1. Have you ever wondered why snakes can't slither backwards? :: nope, i'm scared of snakes so i don't have any interest on what it can and cannot do :)

2. Is divorce contagious?
:: nope

3. Do you enjoy hiking? :: yes

4. Is there a color of a shirt a man should just never wear? :: none i think

5. Have you read a news story this week that just made your blood boil? :: the 2 yr old child who smokes and is being encouraged by his father

6. Do you keep old business cards or name tags from companies you have worked for? :: yes

7. If you could save an endangered species, which one would it be? :: are tarsiers endangered species already? if so, that's what i'm going to save

8. When is it warm enough outside for you to start wearing shorts? :: it's always hot here in the Philippines so I always wear shorts

9. Have you ever broken a window? :: nope

10. Do dogs in your neighborhood howl when they hear sirens from police cars or fire trucks? :: yes

11. Have you tried doing something as an adult that you used to be able to do as a kid? :: cartwheel! i can do it when i was a child, and i saw my son do it. so i tried to do it too but i failed and i felt dizzy after :D

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HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Your number 11 is similar to my answer...I tried it too, and described it a lot different tho.

Come join me and read my Thursday post of you can. It's HERE

I am Harriet said...

Can't remember the last time I did a cartwheel.

Have a great Thursday!