Grade School Assignment

My cousin who is currently in grade three called me up yesterday asking for help for her assignment in school. She said her dad is out of town visiting a relative and her mom is out of town too for work. She said she doesn't know who can help her and was just trying her luck by calling me. I was touched that she thought of me so I decided to help her. One of the assignments is about math and we were able to solve the problems right away. After that we answered her English assignment and I thought that was it. But after that, she said she needs to find self-hardening clays for their art class. I have no idea what she's talking about because we didn't have that during our time so I checked on the net and researched. There I found out everything about clay, the different sculpting compounds and slump molds. It was also mentioned there that you can find a large selection of Clay art supplies at Amaco. So I told my cousin of what I saw in the net and she was really thankful for all my efforts. I told her she can always count on me if there's something she needs in school. I'm sure in the future, my son will be asking for my help for his assignments too! :)

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