It's So Hot!!!!

That’s what I used to hear from my son every day for the past two months since it’s summer here in my part of the world. And if you are here, I’m sure you will be complaining the same way my son did because we all really had to bear with the excruciating heat! And yes that’s the effect of global warming. Summer season tends to be very hot and there’s so much rain (compared to before) during rainy season. We’re just thankful that we have air conditioning at home, but we only use it at night because we don’t want to our electricity bill to rise so high that we may not be able to pay it. :D Anyway, our a/c system is currently working so we don’t have to find a repair person during the hot season. Finding an a/c service person when the weather is really hot can often be difficult and frustrating. I have heard there are some great a/c service companies, depending on where you live. For example there is an arizona air conditioning service company that promises the fastest response to emergency repairs in the Phoenix area. It would be great to know of a company like that! This arizona air conditioning repair company also promises they will show up when they say or you don't pay. How great is that? No more waiting and waiting for a service person to show up. You can also get maintenance and installation service from arizona ac. I’m just glad that it’s July now and is not as hot as before. There are some rains already but there are times that it’s still hot. As long as our a/c system holds out we will do just fine. We try to do regular maintenance for our a/c system before the heat arrives, that saves us the discomfort of waiting for a repair at the busiest a/c repair time of the year. Right now we are still using our a/c at night, but we shorten the hours to save on electricity. I just hope that global warming doesn't make the summers any hotter.

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