One of my friends who is a registered nurse working abroad recently came home for a vacation. We were all so happy to see her again and we were glad to see that she is doing so well, even if she’s away from family and friends. We haven’t seen her in a long time and she really decided to make her presence felt when she got here by giving us all presents. The presents ranged from handbags, blouses, wallets, make-up, and notebooks. We didn't need gifts as we were just so happy to see her, but I have to say we were delighted that she had been so thoughtful. It felt like Christmas! I got two items from her, a bag and a blouse, and both are great! Anyhow, my friend's vacation here is packed full and her schedule is really tight. She’ll be going out of town to visit one of the famous beaches here, and when she comes back she said she needs to take some time to buy some scrub uniforms for work. She was so busy before she left buying gifts for use, she didn't get around to it. I asked her if she knew where to buy scrubs here, since she had not been here in so long. She said that wasn't a problem because she usually buys her scrubs online as she has found a website that has a great selection at really good prices. She thinks if she orders them from here, they will be waiting at her home when she gets back. My friend says this is a great time saver for her and it is just so convenient :)

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