Planning A Trip

My sister makes sure that she goes out of the country at least once per year. She works in an airline company and part of their benefit is a free airfare on wherever destination as long as they have flight there. The rest of the expenses are personal like visas, tours, and accommodations. She’s been to several countries already like Canada, New Zealand, United States, Australia, France, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, and many more. This year, she’s planning again on europe tours by September. She said she hasn’t seen much of Europe yet when she went there a couple of years ago and wants to avail of their national parks tours to be able to know more about the different European countries. She wants to check out the italy tours for she only saw Rome, Pisa, Milan and Venice the last time she was there. I’m really happy for my sister because she gets to travel on different places. I have only been to 4 different countries and I dream of visiting Europe too! My husband was able to see Europe already when he went there for work and he said he wants to see it again because he was not able to see the place much. He only saw the airport, the hotel and their meeting place. I do hope we get to visit Europe together in the future! :)

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Family Travellers said...

Sounds like you have some plans to travel. Europe is a very easy place to travel, but for our family, we love Asia!