Portland PC Repair

My husband is into gadgets and some geeky stuff. Whenever I need to buy something related to laptops or gadgets, I ask for his opinion first. And, I always listen to his advice. Like there was this gadget I was considering buying, he told me his views on it, its pros and cons and also some of the reviews he read on the net. After I heard his insights, I decided not to buy the gadget and I was happy with my decision. Anyhow, like what I said my husband loves gadgets. Most of my relatives seek his help whenever they have computer breakdowns. My sister-in-law was really happy when he was able to get her laptop running again. My cousin in Portland was telling my husband that he should use his knowledge and think about starting a computer repair business. My cousin told us about a Portland computer support company called PCMD, Inc. that does much of their service by remote hook-up. Customers can have either remote service or service in their home. With this type of service my husband would not need a big shop for repairs, and most of the work could be done remotely from our home. My cousin said this Portland computer repair company charges very reasonable rates and he says the staff is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable and they know how to speak to people in a language they understand, that is no Geek talk or techno babble. I know my husband was impressed by what my cousin told him about this company and the way it provides Portland pc repair. Well as much as he liked what he heard, I don't think my husband is ready to get into the computer repair business anytime soon. Besides he keeps busy enough with his regular work and keeping all of our relatives' computers running smoothly. He says he does not have the time to commit to such a repair business, as the Portland computer support company is so committed to serving their customers they are open 7 days a week.

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