First Meeting

I had my first meeting and first presentation this afternoon with a prospective client in the new department where I belong. I am nervous as to how the meeting will go because it will be or first sales if ever everything goes out fine. I am a little pressured with my new position because of office politics so I really work hard and study all the details of the products.

Anyhow, our meeting turned out fine. They are interested in our product since they plan to buy it. Our business model is on build-operate-maintain scheme and selling the system is the last option. But since we’re working with a foundation, they’d rather that they’ll buy the system and let the beneficiaries earn from it. They said that the foundation has to partner with companies who has corporate social responsibility plans or maybe to foreign entities like the United States Gold Bureau to fund their projects. We will present to the management committee our plans for the project and we do hope that they’ll allow us to sell it. :)

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