Passport Renewal at DFA

Last July 24, I took a leave from work for our passport renewal. Paul and I are scheduled for renewal while Hannah is for new application. Lance was not with us because I already applied a passport for him a few years ago when we were supposed to visit Paul in Taiwan. Anyhow, we waited for one month for this schedule because it was the latest I can get when I logged on to their online scheduling system. I just prepared the requirements as what’s listed in the site.

On the day of our schedule, we left early for we were scheduled at 8:30am. We got there by 8:00am and fall in line to have our application form checked. When they saw our names on the schedule, we were asked to go inside the building. There are separate lanes for new application and for renewal so we asked one of their ushers if it’s possible that Hannah will stay with us even if she’s a new applicant. They said it’s ok but they also have a courtesy lane for mothers and children so we won’t have to fall in line anymore. He also mentioned that we will pay Php 1200.00 if we’re at the courtesy lane compared to Php 950.00 for the regular lane. Paul and I decided that we will just wait on the regular lane for we are not in a hurry, besides we are wondering, how can it be a courtesy lane if you have to pay higher than their normal rate? :)

Surprisingly, the line was fast even if it’s long. People are also relaxed while in the line because we are seated, there’s air condition and a tv where we watched previous fights of Manny Pacquiao. Hannah behaved well while we’re in the line and was smiling at the people. When it was our turn, we presented our documents and I was asked to photocopy my application form as attachment to Hannah’s form and birth certificate. After that, we were instructed to go up for payment and picture taking. Upon reaching the second floor, we were asked to pay for our passports and then got our number to wait for our turn for picture taking. Our number was 1501 and 1502 and at that time the number being called is 1430. We only waited for I think 10 minutes before our numbers flashed on the screen. Hannah was with me while Paul was on his own. I’m glad Hannah was in the mood during that time. Although it took us longer during picture taking because Hannah keeps on smiling and according to the lady, the picture must show that you’re not smiling and that your lips are closed. After many takes, we were able to get a picture of Hannah that passes the requirement. Then it was my turn. After another 10 minutes or so, we were done. We fell in line again to pay for the courier which costs P120 per person and then we’re done. It took us only 1hr and 30 minutes from the time we arrived at DFA. I believe it’s a short time compared to the previous process and kudos to DFA for improving their system. We are just waiting for our passport which will be delivered after one month from the date we applied.

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