It's one of the things that my husband hates to hear and do. Whenever I tell him there's a sale and that I would like to go shopping, his reaction is as if his ears are burning that he can't hear anything. I know it's the usual reaction of males and I don't mind whenever he does that. Sometimes though, I tell him if there is an online sale and informs him that there are wholesale dollar items that I think won't put too much damage in our pockets if we buy some. I also tell him of the different dollar store suppliers where we can use our paypal money in shopping. I remember one of our recent conversations; I was asking permission from him if I can buy a new phone or a designer bag but he doesn't want me to. He says it's impractical and if I want to buy a phone it shouldn't be expensive, as long as it does its job like texting or calling, it's enough. He even joked that if I can find it in one of the dollar store products that I visit for shopping; he will allow me to buy them or that if I won the lottery, he will allow me to buy it. Oh well, I guess now my wish to have a new phone won't come true.

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