Financial Freedom

I've been hearing a lot of stuff on how to be debt free. I guess because money is so hard to earn, a lot of people are in debt just to survive and they must need to understand how to be financially stable. A lot talks and counseling sessions are being offered by companies and different organizations to make people know how to handle money properly. I have a friend who conducts these talks and she said that they even have consumer credit counseling service as part of their program. She said that whenever she gives talks you'll find a consumer credit counseling booth where people can go and talk to financial analysts like her. I find this service nice since people are sometimes impulse buyers and dependent on credit cards not understanding that these plastic cards are not really their money yet; that they have to pay for it once the bill comes and sometimes, when it comes to payment they don't have enough to pay for what they spent. And when it happens, some people result to debt consolidation loans to be able to pay everything. I've been in the same situation before and I'm glad that I'm recovering now and hopefully soon I'll be debt free and will enjoy my financial freedom! :)

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