My favorite sport is swimming and I really love the waters. I can't explain it but there's really something in swimming that makes me feel happy. I guess it's also one of the reasons why people at work asks me to go out for ocular to check on venues for our summer outing because they know how particular I am when it comes to those things. And it's one of my dreams to own a house with a pool for I know not only will I enjoy it but my kids as well will love it too. That's why I'm so happy and excited for my friend when he mentioned to me that the house they are building will have a swimming pool and that they are looking for swimming pool filter cartridges because their contractor told them they need it. They are so busy now because of the house construction and every now and then needs to buy some stuff. They are also looking for hot tub filters for their bath tub. My friend said his wife is asking if they can have a spa and even described the spa chemicals they need. I'm not sure though if his wife's wish was granted but I'm really looking forward to see their house and their pool. :)

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