Audio Conferencing

I’ve been so busy with work for the past 2 months when I took over one of the products for business development. My boss and I had several Conference calls already and I am sure there are more to come. I am still reading and researching a lot for this new business and I know there is still so much to learn. We also presented to some companies already and we are happy that they have a positive reaction to our product; in fact, the ball is in our hands now for we are still not done with the costing. So now, I am closely coordinating with our accounting group to assist me in the costing of this new product. And aside from that, our regional heads are asking me also to give them materials so they can pursue it in their respective areas. And since I can’t visit their regions yet, we need to have an Audio conference so I can talk to all of them and be able to explain and answer their concerns. Audio conferencing is a great help to us especially at this stage where we need to be frugal. I do hope we will be able to finish the costing today and submit the proposal to our clients. I hope also that we can get a good project before the year ends so wish me luck! :)

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