My friends and I are arranging a get-together next month and we are all looking forward to it. We saw each other a few months back but we were not able to talk much since some of us needs to leave early and some came in late. We planned a lot of things for our get-together and we really hope it will push through. We have been planning several gatherings before but most of it does not materialize so we really hope that next month’s plan will be a different story.

I remember when we were in college, one of the things we do aside from playing play station is to play poker. Especially on those nights that we have to stay up late working on our projects. We sometimes take a break and play poker to keep ourselves awake. But now that we don’t get to see each other anymore, I’ll suggest we try to play online pokies and avail of free pokies we see on the net. This could be interesting because we haven’t done this before. Maybe the free online pokies will be fun to play. I better send an email to my friends so we can start playing while waiting for the schedule of our get-together.

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