Costume Search

Yesterday, Paul and I together with Lance went to different malls to look for a costume for Lance that he will wear next week. They will celebrate Grandparents Day next Saturday and they will perform a dance number. Boys are asked to wear black pants, white polo and knitted vest. We went to Podium first for his haircut and then went to Megamall. We saw some cute vests there but I find it too expensive since he will only wear it once. We then went to NBC tent because I am also looking for a pair of shoes for Lance and my sister said that she saw some there. Good thing we went to the tent because we found a vest there with a reasonable price. We were not able to buy the shoes though because the size is too small for Lance’s feet. We decided to go home after NBC tent, but on our way home, I remembered that Lance doesn’t have white short polo. Good thing we live near Sta Lucia so we went there as well. It was a tiring day that upon getting home, both Lance and I did not have dinner anymore and went to sleep. We’re glad though that we were able to buy the costume that he needs for school.

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