Poor Neighbor

A week ago, I heard that one of our neighbors gave birth to her child but with birth defects. She said that she was very diligent in taking her medicines and that she doesn’t know why her child had the birth defect. She then found out that her dermatologist did not advise her that it is not safe to take acumen if you’re taking vitamins especially vitamin A because it will be harmful. So now she filed an Accutane Lawsuit against her doctor and she is just gathering evidence so that when the hearing comes, she will give proof that it is the doctor’s fault that her baby has defects. I pity the baby because from what I heard, she looks really pretty, I do hope that when she grows up, she’ll have a happy life despite her defects.

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michele carr said...

you sound like such delightful people!! I have so much enjoyed reading about your family. Thanks for sharing.
michele and teddy carr
colorado, usa