I’m glad it’s Friday already. That means I’ll be able to stay home and spend time with my kids. I miss them so much or I don’t get to play with them that much when I get home from work. This week has been a busy week. We have several meetings and we’re finalizing proposals for our product. Next week is going to be the same and we really hope that everything we work hard for will reap its fruits in the future.

On a lighter note, the tv series started showing this week. I watched Chuck and Glee already and we already have the episode 1 of season 2 of Fringe though I haven’t seen it yet and we’re still looking for Grey’s Anatomy. I’m so proud of Charice, her performance at the 1st episode of glee is awesome! As for Chuck, I am again getting excited on what will happen with his adventures and spy works. Can’t wait for the next episodes next week!

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