I Won!!!

I joined Daphne Osena-Paez’s contest last week and I was surprised and happy to see that I was one of the winners. Her prize is the Kor Aura bottle which was used by Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man movie and also by David Beckham as shown in the picture. :)

I first saw my name in Facebook when they congratulated the winners and when I visited her blog again, this is what I saw.

The winners are:

130 Toni Tadeo

128 Reejane/Joanne Randiej

117 Clara Garcia Ocampo

257 Len Perilla-Jardenil

394 Lulu Eugenio

Wee!!! Last Saturday, I got an email from Ms Daphne herself asking for my details for the delivery of the bottles. Will blog about it again once I receive it. Thank you Miss Daphne!

*photos grabbed from Ms. Daphne's blog.

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